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Podcast script - Sunday, May 10, 2020

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Well good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. Itís Sunday 10th May, and tulip mania has definitely struck in the Village. As I did my rounds yesterday morning, it was lovely to see the displays in everyoneís windows. The surprise for me (because Iím not a gardener) was seeing all the tulips opened up. When I deliver them each week, they are just buds, only recently from the chiller. I never get to see them in full bloom.

Those in the window of Mick and Jean Izzardís house on Raunds Road looked as if someone had painstakingly painted a red stripe down each yellow petal. I just donít know how Chris and the team do this.

£645 was raised in the Village on VE Day for Great Ormond Street Hospital. A similar sale happened at Darcie Park, the new estate just at the top of the Raunds Road. This raised another £230. There were more sales in Chelveston today, so the total will be somewhere near £900. What a great way to commemorate VE Day.

There were 4 left over buckets after VE Day and Elaine advised that these couldnít go back in the chiller. We agreed that they should go to a local care home and we chose Brockfield House in Stanwick. My God Daughter works there as a senior carer.

Yes Michelle, thatís a whole different story. How did the heathen Adrian Dale become a God Father? Well at the tender and naÔve age of 18, I agreed to nurture the spiritual education of my cousin, then a new born baby, and living in Crewe. I then ignored her for the next 25 years, paying no attention to any part of her life, let alone her spiritual guidance!

At 25 years old and living alone in Wolverhampton she was struggling, and plucked up the courage to ask for help. We moved her to Raunds and she flourished. She took a job at Brockfield House which is our local care home specialising in the care dementia patients. She thrived, a natural carer and quickly rose through the ranks. Our youngest son Matthew did work experience there and was full of admiration for the work they do.

Brockfield House has suffered badly during the Covid-19 crisis. They made the national press when 4 residents died within a couple of days from Covid-19. One of these had contracted it on a visit to Kettering General. Once they came back it spread quickly through the home. The staff came in for huge criticism, which was grossly unfair as I know that they are doing the best that they can.

When I took the spare tulips in yesterday, I knew we had made the right choice. The residents love sensory experiences. Wendy Williams makes sensory muffs for people living with dementia. They may have lost some cognitive ability but their basic senses love being stimulated. The tulips will be lovely for them and the staff planned to allow residents to smell them, handle them and arrange them. So thank you Chris and Elaine.

There was a lot of interest on VE Day and yesterday in purchasing bulbs for planting. And he idea of Village gardens being a blaze of colour next year is just lovely, will remind us of the upside our lock down celebrations.

If residents are interested, then Elaine and Chris will offer a big collective volume discount on a bulk Village order. They are just finalising the Autumn catalogue with all the show tulips in it. When this is ready, Iíll work with them to put up a link and an order form. Elaine and the team will then collate orders and organise one delivery run when the stock arrives from their nurseries in the Nederlands. So watch this space folks, another great opportunity to shop locally and to say thanks for the joy the tulips have given us all.

Derek Wales from Chelston Rise sent in some lovely pictures of the VE Day celebrations and I am planning to add these to the Village archive, together with other pictures sent in on VE day. Chelston Rise celebrated brilliantly and they respected the new social distancing norms. Well done!

Today is a big day, as we await the announcements from Boris Johnson on how our lives will change as the lock down restrictions will be eased.

Over the last few days, I have seen behaviours polarise.

The new respectful norm is just wonderful to see. Residents and visitors doing their utmost to respect social distancing. Lynne and I were walking the hound in the woods near Chelston Rise yesterday. We saw three motorcyclists parked up having a rest. They were all sitting 3-4m apart enjoying a soft drink. We looked at this and thought that we really canít argue with it. These people clearly understand.

But I have also seen madness, close to home. One household nearby that has felt comfortable receiving visitors into their back garden. Neighbours have remonstrated with them to no avail. Which part of obey social distancing or risk death for your family is hard to understand?

At LIDL yesterday, I again saw the new norm. Sensible British queuing, lots of banter, and the utmost respect in keeping our distance in the store.

I really think we can do this. We know this virus is contagious, we know it must be contained. We know that extreme social distancing is the only way we can go until a vaccine is created.

So Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise, letís hope that the Government lifts some part of the lock down today. Then we can show what model citizens we have all leared to be.

Thank you