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Podcast script - Saturday, May 09, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. It’s Saturday 9th May, at least I think it is, and this is Adrian Dale with the daily podcast.

Well I thought yesterday might be busy, but I had no idea quite how busy. Considering not much was supposed to be happening as we are all locked down, why did I get up at 04:15?

Well it dawned on me in the middle of the night that I couldn’t send out a timetable for the VE day celebrations without all the links ready for you to check out first thing in the morning. And some of the ideas for activities had only come in late the night before.

You can imagine the reaction of the hound Dexter when I walked passed his bed to go to the office. He got off his bed, yawned twice, accepted a stroke and then lay back down again to sleep. Only humans can be that daft. In the end, everything was ready as planned by 06:15 and off we went to pick that litter.

I was by the pub when I remembered that I had prepared everything but not actually posted the podcast and the newsletter to the WhatsApp group. And outside the pub is an internet free zone for me. So much to the hound’s bemusement, we had to back track until I could get an internet signal.

The walk was shorter than normal as I had the War Memorial dressing to complete. Carol, Barry and Jenny had dressed it in bunting on Thursday night but I had our precious remembrance flags to put out and two bowls of Kings Blood tulips. Transporting precious bowls of tulips full of water was not so easy. It took two trips and I now have a very wet foot well in the van. But have you ever tried moving an American Flag without it ever touching the floor as is required by the stars and stripes etiquette?

Still all was sorted in time and then for the tulip run. I planned my route to arrive at the war memorial shortly before 09:00 and was amazed to find a queue of 5 people waiting to buy them. It was just like LIDL in the morning, all 2 metres apart.

Elaine and Chris’s tulips were a fantastic focus for the day. Over 50 households sent in photographs of their arrangements. After a long and tiring day Elaine judged them and decided that James Pentelow was the winner. He was gallant enough to say that all he’d done was post the picture. Sam Pentelow did the arranging. They’ll be getting 60 free bulbs for next year.

Our 11:00am Act of Remembrance was very moving. Our Vicar Michelle had travelled from Peterborough to be with us. It was supposed to be a very small, low key ceremony at the War Memorial with representative from the Parish Council and all settlements. In the end many residents from the Green, Pokas Cottages, Foot Lane, Higham Road and High Street joined us. All kept a safe distance apart in what is becoming the new respectful norm. But we all joined together with the last post ringing out across the Village.

Many residents also shared pictures and memories of their parents and grand parents who fought in the Second World War. It was certainly a day of sobering and also joyous reflection.

At 4pm I had the privilege of putting on my hi-viz gear and using my travel permit to drive around the whole Village. It was just fantastic to see so many families out in their front gardens sharing a virtual tea with their neighbours. I really think this Village has got it – we understand what we need to do to move towards easing the lock down. We mustn’t be complacent, but we now understand the new norm.

It was a busy day for me but a great day for our Village, all topped off by singing “We’ll meet again” after the Queen’s address to the Nation.

So Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise, we should be collectively proud that we have built a safe, welcoming and respectful community in the face of this adversity. The war time spirit lives on.

We will succeed, together.

Thank you