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Podcast script - Sunday, May 03, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. It’s Sunday 3rd May and this is Adrian Dale with the daily podcast.

OK folks well nothing happened in Chelson-cum-Cawcud yesterday so there is nothing else to be said – so goodbye and see you tomorrow – doooooooooooooo.

Well wouldn’t that be lovely, just imagine there’s no national emergency, nothing out of the ordinary is happening in the Village, and I can have a lazy Sunday morning in bed reading the papers with no hound wanting to be taken on a 90 minute walk. Now that’s really the stuff of fantasy.

Of course it never happens like that. I keep forgetting. Although half of the Village are on WhatsApp, the rest of the Village aren’t. The WhatsApp group get real time input and they react accordingly. The folks that join by email or text get everything 24 hours later and they also react.

So yesterday I had the delayed reactions to Pete’s proposal for a new scarecrow competition. There was universal approval from all the people who called me or emailed me. They loved the idea of wandering round the Village following a map of all the scarecrow displays on show.

Now some of you may remember July 2008. That was the year the Village hosted the National Garden Scheme Open Gardens Event for Charity. Lynne and I just had our back garden landscaped and so Lynne was keen to show it off. Unfortunately, I was lecturing in Athens at the time so I missed everything (including fortunately all the hard work preparing for it!)

Apparently, the weather was perfect and it was lovely to have families walking around the Village, buying from charity stalls and being nosey in everyone’s gardens. It was a busy day as word had spread more widely than we expected, we had throngs of people descending on the Village to see the displays.

So I’m secretly relieved we are waiting on instructions for how the scarecrow competition can be safely run. If it is anything like the National Garden Scheme we will have hoards of people to deal with and that will take some managing.

Tina Hackett made me smile. She sent a message in saying that if the hairdressers and barbers stay closed any longer, we can all just stand in our gardens. Anyone of us could then win the Worzel Gummidge award. I had to disappoint her and say that Pete Rawlins had already claimed that title to go with his self-appointed Village Idiot award.

Then I had a call from Melvyn Wooding. I don’t know why I keep adding his surname. He is the only Melvyn in the Village and henceforth will simply be know as Melvyn, just like Aitch.

Melvyn pointed out that I had dropped another clanger. I had posted an old picture of a cottage and said it was The Cottage on the Green in Chelveston owned by Zara and Mick. Ooops, I was completely wrong. It was Yew Tree Cottage in Caldecott owned by Janette and Dave Kightley. Melvyn sounded almost like Aitch – Adrian how long have you lived in this Village? You walk up to Caldecott everyday and you got that wrong. . . .

And then I got a call from Aitch. Bugger I thought (excuse the French on Sunday Michelle) What have I done now?

“Adrian” says Aitch. “You got summat right for a change” You have finally learned how to say the name of the Village right – Chelson cum Cawcud.

So that was a result – Aitch was finally ringing to give me a thumbs up!

I had an uneventful day in Chelson-cum-Cawcud, cutting the grass in the Churchyard and walking the hound. And then I did the evening van run – I delivered a bike from Chris Pentland to Derek Wales. Derek was keen on delivering his good lady an aid to her new fitness regime. Now there is a brave man . . . I hope he remembers to buy her a saddle or he will get more than he bargained for!

On the way out of Chelston Rise, there was a hive of activity so I stopped to find what was going on. A group of residents had decided to tidy up all the approaches to The Crescent. Bob and Vanessa had the yellow vests. Our newest resident Lee was in there helping out and two budding entrepeneurs Jack and Leighton were out there mowing the grass.

I’ve been watching these two lads for the last week cleaning the cars of the Crescent. Great stuff, superb initiative – they are going to go far! This is the stuff of dreams – young people showing initiative and helping the community. Well done lads, we are all proud of you.

This group produced 12 bags of green waste which I picked up and have now sorted collection for. And next time you drive by, you’ll see the difference.

So then I got home from the Van run Lynne said, there’s a Village quiz tonight at 7pm. Shall we take part? Rachael Maywood is organising it. I said – well you do it, I have to write the podcast for tomorrow.

So she started the quiz and I could hear her laughing from the office. I wandered down and decided to join in. At one point I was actually in 3rd place and my competitive instinct kicked in. I must win this. But then I lost the plot and drifted down the leader board. Some people joined by Zoom, so it was great hearing the couples arguing. Others kept quiet and just answered the questions online in quick time. There was no time to Google as points were awarded for speed and accuracy.

And the final result was – Janellan and Sean Reedman were the winners - quietly overtaking us all from Sawyers Crescent. Hail the victors!

Seriously though, well done Rachael and Mike, that was more fun that I could ever have expected.

So Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise, we’ve got scarecrow competitions, verge clearing days and Village quizzes, all spontaneously happening, residents taking control and having some fun.

Now Pete has started an annual scarecrow tradition, Vanessa and Bob have set the standard for verges at Chelston Rise, and Rachael is quiz master general until the pub re-opens.

I can indeed go back to bed this Sunday – all is sorted in Chelson-cum-Cawcud.

Thank you