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Daily Newsletter - Thursday 30th April 2020


Yesterday was a disappointing day with another suspected case of Covid-19 being detected in the Village. This family is now going into isolation for a second time, having only come out of isolation a couple of weeks ago. They have done everything correctly but had an unavoidable hospital appointment for one of the children. It may be there that the infection was picked up. It may of course not be Covid-19 but with a mild fever and dry cough it certainly sounds like it might be.

This just shows that we are not out of the woods yet. Any time you leave the Village the virus is out there waiting to catch you!

Today's podcast looks at some more stories about Canon Roger Davison provided by Melvyn Wooding. Brenda Elldred supplied the article below that features the work he led to bring the Church back to life.

A Rural Cinderella, St John The Baptist Chelveston


None that we know of!


  • Yesterday, the Government threw all of its previous reported data out of the window and issued a corrected dataset which also accounted for so far unreported deaths in the community. This has completely changed the profile of our infection and we are now clearly the worse country affected in Europe. Because of a surge in deaths in care homes and the wider community, it is clear that we are not yet at the top of the deaths curve. The numbers of new daily cases is still hovering around 4,000 per day and this will lead to yet more deaths in the next 2 weeks.


At least there was good news in Northamptonshire with daily hospitalised infections still being below 10.

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Advice on breathing with Covid-19 Symptoms
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Stay (at) home, protect the NHS and save lives.