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Podcast script - Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. Itís Tuesday 21st April and the 94th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, one of our most fanatical listeners. Happy Birthday Madge, and fair play to you for cancelling the traditional gun salute today.

OK folks, I did make that last bit up. I canít prove that the Queen listens to the daily broadcasts, but I wouldnít be surprised. We are seeing some very interesting results from the web statistics. We clearly have listeners in Texas, that would be Jerry and Marsha. We have listeners in Australia, I think that must be Arthurís daughter Helen. My parents and parents-in-law listen in from the Black Country. Jonny is listening from Wellington barracks in the heart of London. And I bet Michelle and maybe Grant are listening in from Peterborough.

Yesterday, I even heard from someone in Northampton. John and Kathryn Bird heard me mention Canon Eric Buchanan who served the Parish of Chelveston-cum-Caldecott from 1990-1998. Their ears pricked up. It turned out that the Reverend Eric Buchanan, at the time, had married them in Duston, just outside Northampton in 1970. He was a lovely person back then and clearly made an impact on moving to this Parish from Duston. He helped save the Church in this Village and created the foundations that Grant and his successors Richard and Michelle could build on.

As you listen to these podcasts, you are probably beginning to realise that there are some key roles in this Parish. They are the roles that provide the foundations for Village life. When Naomi took on the role as the latest publican for the Star and Garter, I am sure she didnít realise that she was becoming part of history as the 30th publican since 1737. She will go down as the publican who survived the plague of 2020.

Similarly, when Michelle took over as our Vicar, I bet she didnít think she was becoming part of history as our 26th vicar since records began and the first to broadcast online to the Village (and by the way, also the first to sneak in and build an Easter garden when no one was looking). Michelle, I know it is YOUR Church, and you are entitled to do anything you want in YOUR Churchyard, but it was a big shock the other morning on my rounds to find that someone had been beavering away in the Churchyard during the day. It is usually just me and the rabbits each morning! It was only when I listened to the Church podcast and saw the pictures that I knew what was going on.

The School was traditionally the third leg of the Village establishment. We still have people in the Village today that went to School there, as Janellan found. I bet everyone of those people could name the teachers and head teachers that taught them over the years, shaping their lives. Again Mark Hunter has managed to assemble a list of them all. Men and women who shaped the lives of Children in this Parish. And I bet a few of them gave Aitch a bit of a telling off in his time too!

I spoke a little in jest about the relationship between the Queen and our Parish at the start of this podcast.

Some of you may not realise it, but this Parish has links to Crown which date back to 1066. The manor of Chelveston-cum-Caldecott was granted to the son of William the Conqueror as part of the manor of Higham Ferrers. It passed through the families of de Ferrers, Lancaster and eventually Somerset, before eventually being claimed by the Disbrowe family in the 1700s. This explains the place names of Disbrowe Court in Chelveston, and Ferrers Barn, Somerset Barn and Lancaster Barn in Bidwell Lane.

The Queenís Estate the Duchy of Lancaster still owns land in the Village and the Parish Councils deal with the Duchy all the time. The Duchy of Lancaster owns the golf course and is developing the new properties on Bidwell Lane.

In 1985, Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the Village to meet with one her tenants, Graham Hill, who was farming Duchy Farm, one of her properties. Remember, it was Grahamís son Peter that allegedly was part of the great heist that saved the wind sock mast for our new memoral.

On her visit to the District, the Queen was received by Cllr Clive Wood, Chairman of East Northamptonshire Council. Now Clive is another of the great characters of the area. He recently spent hours in our Churchyard re-painting the memorial plaque to the 305th.

For new comers to the area, this must be quite bewildering. It certainly was for me. But I have found over the years that the history of this place runs deep. Residents seem to get the bug. The same names seem to crop up all the time. The same roles form the framework that anchors our lives.

We have lived life at a break necked speed in recent years. This pandemic has given us the chance to STOP and take stock. We are all making history now, but we are all building on the shoulders of giants. It is good to realise that everyone playing a part in this pandemic in this Village is part of a bigger picture that will form part of history.

So happy Birthday Maíam, we are a very small part of the Duchy of Lancaster but we are staying true to the historical values that have served this Village well and will help us through this crisis.

Thank you