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Podcast script - Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. Itís Wednesday 15th April and this is Adrian Dale with the daily briefing for the Village.

Well itís mid-week of our fourth week and so much has happened since our lock down began. We now have a great community going here with a generosity of spirit and kindness that makes your eyes well up. To start with yesterday, we had a couple of simple requests from Chris Pentland and Aitch. Villagers responded to these in minutes. People who were previously complete strangers were offering their help. You simply canít beat that.

Behind the scenes, I also dealt with lots of requests and offers, the phone just never stopped. I also had ideas sent in of what we can do in the future to keep all this going, and even how we could raise funds for the NHS to say thank you. All these ideas were gratefully received. I just canít action them all immediately Ė Iím kinda busy right now! But please keep them coming.

Weíve also had lots of great community deeds, from our local lumberjack to folks clearing the ditches by their houses. All this work really is greatly appreciated. More has been achieved in under 4 weeks than in years previously. Thank you to you all.

But not surprisingly, weíve also had differences of opinion on what is safe and permissible under lock down conditions. We are currently virus free (at least I hope so) and we do want to keep it that way. We need to stop the virus coming into the Village and avoid any risk of transmission within or between the settlements.

Behind the scenes, you can be assured that Iíve been looking at every request and every offer made in the group. If any of them have involved unnecessary trips or any risk, I have stepped in to offer my services for collection and delivery. I have sometimes even had to suggest a completely different approach. Safety is the overriding concern.

People do see me out and about all over the Village, mowing grass and running errands. I am not flouting the rules. Remember Iíve got a unique role and a daunting responsibility. I have the permit to travel but I have all the Personal Protective Equipment and infection control protocols in place to minimise any risks to myself and others. But all it takes is one slip by me or you and we will all lose this battle. I am very conscious of that every time I need to venture onto someoneís property. My hands are raw from washing. My Personal Protective Equipment is wearing out from daily washing at high temperature. I am taking no risks. We simply mustnít undo the hard work and sacrifice so far.

Like you all, I live with the threat of this virus everyday. But I have also had to visit every house that I knew was infected to offer help or deliver items they needed. I have allowed no one else near, the risks were simply too great. I even turned down Carolís offers of help delivering Easter eggs as I couldnít risk them or others, inadvertently coming into contact with a house that was suffering.

That being said. I walk the paths and drive the lanes of this Village every day and I can see the huge difference that everyoneís efforts have made. Frankly, I am embarrassed at how much better things look. I do take huge pride in keeping our Village looking good but, clearly Iíve failed to deliver! Things look so much better now from the efforts of those involved.

I was driving to Chelston Rise only today and saw a beer can that had been tossed out of a car since my morning litter pick. (I thought I was the only one who has a beer at 11am!) I was going to pick the can up on my way back but it had already gone when I returned! One of our walkers had already picked it up. All I can say is thank you Ė but please make sure you wear gloves!! Anything can be contaminated. By the way, I carry plastic bags with me at all times to be able to pick stuff up without fear of contamination. Just a thought!

So please keep it up folks, you all know how to stay safe, and please donít take any risks. If you need to swap something, itís fine but please do it on foot and preferably donít go between the settlements. If you can, leave the item on the doorstep, or even better on the boundary. If you canít, then call the bloke in yellow. I will sort it out.

When I delivered Horace his yeast yesterday, it must have looked really strange. A van with hazard lights flashing drove down Foot Lane and then a bloke in yellow hi-viz and protective gloves holding a plastic bag by the corner at arms length approached the doorstep. This was a bag of yeast we were talking about.

And when Pete and I exchanged bags of kindling last night it was just as surreal. He drove into the lay-by with the bags of kindling on the back of his truck. I was waiting with engine running. He stayed in the truck and I yanked the bags off onto the verge before banging the truck for him to disappear. Only then did I load up. I bet this looked like the strangest drug deal ever conducted in that lay-by.

But all these extreme precautions are worth it, ask Pete, he has suffered at the hands of the virus, he doesnít recommend it to anyone.

So Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise, letís keep the faith. Letís keep doing our bit for the community, but above all letís remember that all journeys involve risk, every time you venture off your property involves risk. And the one thing we donít need now is risk.

Thank you