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Podcast script - Friday, April 10, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. It’s Good Friday the 10th April and this is Jasper Carrott with the daily briefing for the Village.

Well that was a big surprise yesterday! My phone didn’t stop pinging for hours after the daily broadcast. So, thank you all for letting me know that you listen and I guess I’d better keep going then. I was planning to knock it on the head as there are only so many times you can listen to yourself making mistakes.

Actually it was a great privilege hearing about how you all listen to the podcasts. I seem to join some of you at breakfast, others for morning coffee and some even for lunch. But spending 5 minutes in bed with Jennie Clark at 7am was certainly a surprise,although not half the surprise I got from spending time in bed with Adrian Jeffs at 9am. And there was me wondering why I am always so tired each day before I start work!

Candy, and several others privately, have suggested I might like to keep this going for a weekly broadcast after the emergency – all I can say is aaaagh. Remember folks, I am just the socially awkward introvert that cuts the grass and picks up litter. I gave up hard work when I retired a decade ago.

Now this weekend is normally the longest weekend of the year. It’s a 4 day break with two bank holidays. It is normally used by the rail network and the banks to do all their major upgrades because the economy slows down. This all seems rather irrelevant this weekend, doesn’t it. Who’s doing anything anyway?

Well actually this weekend is going to be very busy for at least 4 groups of people in the Village.

Our supermarket and supply chain workers are bracing themselves for a manic 2 days. All the major supermarkets issued press releases yesterday morning reminding people that they are closed on Easter Sunday. They were expecting long queues on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and asked everyone to shop as late in the day as possible. From 4pm onwards, our group was reporting in on very long queues, sometimes 2 hours. Social distancing is now being strictly adhered to, even in the car parks, and all of our residents were impressed by the approaches taken. If your life is at stake, why worry about 2 hours in a queue, what else have you got to do anyway. But spare a thought for the teams working on the front line from the Village. It is going to be a hard couple of days for them.

We are very fortunate to have at least 6 police officers in our Village – of course, there may be more of them out there undercover, but I wouldn’t know that would I, that’s kind of the point. They are also braced for a tough weekend. The Chief Constable of Northamptonshire, Nick Adderley, who we know well in the Village, issued a press release yesterday. His force has been adopting a “softer” approach to the enforcement of the Covid-19 laws for the last 3 weeks. They have been seeking to persuade people that social distancing was in their own interests. This weekend, all gloves are off. There will many more officers on the beat with rest days cancelled. Officers are being instructed to enforce the law. We support them. As of yesterday morning 54 people had lost their lives in Northamptonshire to Covid-19. We want no more, our two hospitals simply can’t cope.

And of course, we have the NHS workers in our Village. They risk their lives each day in an attempt to save those who have been most seriously affected by the disease. It’s a tough job, Doctors and nurses are dying each day, having saved countless lives themselves. Of course we clap each Thursday in support of them, but we need to do more. If we put our own lives at risk, we put the NHS at risk. That’s just plain wrong and selfish.

And finally we have our Ministry Team from the Church. This is the most important time of year for the Christian faith. Even if you are not a person of faith, the message of absolute self-sacrifice in service of others must surely have some resonance with you. We are living through this daily in our lives today.

The Ministry team have been working all week to deliver a full programme of podcasts and services for everyone at home. And the figures speak for themselves. The Church is always there, but often ignored. However, in times of trouble many turn to it for support and comfort. Last week’s online service reached an audience at least three times higher than a normal Sunday service in Church. Now call me a cynic but it may be that the comfort of coffee in bed with the Church service on a Sunday is an easier experience than getting up early to go in person. But you know – so what. If our Village is enriched by a Church service at home, I am sure the Ministry Team will feel that their work is worthwhile.

So for all of our key workers this Easter weekend, we thank you and salute you.

For everyone else stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

Now of course this podcast should end there, but there are two things left. Two competitions, in fact.

The Village Events Committee and the Church have come together to run a colouring completion for the kids this Easter. Please go to the home page of the website where you heard this podcast for the details. And yes with the help of Joann and Brenda, we have secured prizes and they may involve chocolate.

And secondly, many people have commented on how my accent changes when I get passionate or excited. Who can pin point where it is from? Yes, I have lived In Chelveston for 33 years and for 6 years before that in the Hallowed Halls of Cambridge. But where were the years before that? There’s definitely another pint in it!

Stay safe folks

Thank you