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Daily Briefing - Monday 6th April 2020

Here are the key stories for the day, with thanks to our WhatsApp group who keep these coming in all day Ė there are now 128 members of the group, with every street represented. 86 people get this bulletin by Email.


Many households in the Village were freshly laid off at the end of last week, as factories and warehouses came to a halt. So, as the third week of the national lock down starts, some households in the Village will be experiencing their first days fully furloughed (a word none of us had heard less than 1 month ago). We are fortunate that the next few days promise to be dry and sunny. Itís an ideal time for those freshly furloughed households to do their daily exercise exploring the local rights of way. Regular readers and listeners will know that we have an unrivalled network of paths in this area. I have included a link to the Parish Council walking leaflet and have paper copies if anyone wants them. Whilst out and about, please keep your distance and keep safe!

I am now missing just 32 households from our check list, with Chelston Rise accounting for half of those. There is a link to the list below. Please take one final look and see if you know how to contact any of those missing. Having personally visited every one of these properties with a letter, there is nothing more I can do. If the virus strikes these households, they may come to regret not establishing links to sources of help in advance, but that is their choice.

As Village, we are as ready as we can be for whatever unfolds during the coming weeks. However, there will be surprises, things we havenít prepared for. I am hoping that the strong community we have established will be able to respond quickly and effectively to these unknowns.

Stay safe folks and try to maintain your own morale and that in your family.


  • Boris Johnson has now been admitted to hospital for tests as he continues to suffer from symptoms.
  • UK deaths from Covid-19 grew by another 621 yesterday to 4,934. This was an improvement over previous days but as we know there are day to day fluctuations
  • There are 343 confirmed cases in Northamptonshire, significantly higher than any of the neighbouring local authorities. Northamptonshire is now in the highest 20% of local authorities.

This chart has aligned the epidemics from 4 countries with different approaches to the crisis.


  • Stocks and social distancing policies at the Co-op in Raunds are good but queue yesterday was surprisingly long towards the end of the day.
  • ALDI at Clapham (on the A6) near Bedford have sorted out the problems and now have screens installed and good procedures.
  • The reports from ALDI Irthlingborough were not good again. Screens have been installed but the guard outside seems to be doing very little and many customers are ignoring social distancing.
  • Queues at Waitrose varied throughout the day but the adherence to policies was good.

Daily links (all verified):

Daily audio briefing
Pause for thought

Missing Households (32)
Letter to Missing Households
Vulnerable Household registration
Northamptonshire County Council Support Line Call 0300 126 1000 and select Option 5 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm)
Longhurst Housing Association Support Line Call 0300 123 1745
Village support line Call 07850 570007 in the first instance and Iíll find you help
ASDA Volunteer Card
Live UK Covid-19 Tracker
(Public Health England)
Parish Council Walking Leaflet

And finally . . .

Although there is no evidence that dogs can catch the virus Ė Wilson, a champion sheepdog, decided to work at home as a precaution.

Stay home and stay safe