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Podcast script - Saturday, April 04, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. Itís Saturday 4th April and this is Adrian Dale with the daily briefing for the Village.

Yesterday it was announced by Matt Hancock that 684 more people had lost their lives to Covid-19 in the 24hrs up until 5pm on Thursday. As you listen to this, the figures for Friday are being collated and they might be much much worse. Sadly 2 nurses and 2 health care assistants are amongst those who lost their lives on Thursday. They were just doing their duty, helping others, caring for the very sick. Sadly they paid the ultimate price. When NHS workers die on duty, you know we are at war.

For many in the Village, these figures were a huge shock and I had several conversations with very worried residents during Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, I wasnít surprised by the figures. Lynne and I have been doing a lot of research and analysis each day to try to understand what is happening.

The way the virus affects people differs which age and any underlying health conditions. Unfortunately some people succumb very quickly, however others can take 10-14 days to contract the illness and deteriorate to the point where they need hospitalisation.

Many of the 2,200 people that have died in the last 4 days will have contracted the disease just as the lock down was coming into force on the 23rd January. Some will have been out on the Friday night as the pubs closed. Others will have been out enjoying the sunshine over that weekend, congregating in the parks and on the beaches. Many of those have now paid the ultimate price for ignoring Government advice. Sadly some of the victims were staying at home but then caught the virus indirectly from those who had been out enjoying themselves.

If ever there was a lesson to be learned this is it. Stay home and stay safe.

When will it end? Well by Friday of next week, we will know whether social distancing is working. Hospitalisations should be coming down and death rates will start falling a few days afterwards. However, letís be realistic for a minute. The Government wouldnít be building so many Nightingale hospitals if they didnít think they might be needed. So brace yourselves folks. Next week will be rocky.

On a more positive note, the news from the supermarkets was good yesterday. They are almost fully stocked and no-one needs to go short at all. Waitrose, ASDA and LIDL are all safe places to shop. Every precaution you could hope for is being implemented. Unfortunately ALDI is struggling and Iím not going back until I am sure they have improved.

ASDA has released more slots for collection and delivery and I saw Tesco and Morrisonís vans in the Village yesterday. ASDA has gone one stage further. They have launched a pre-paid shopping card for use by volunteers. The card holder can top up the card on line and then hand it to a volunteer to shop on their behalf. No cash needs to change hands. To have developed and launched this in 2 weeks is amazing.

And finally, the love of animals in the Village came shining through again yesterday. Donations have continued to flow in for Nannaís rescue and now hedgehogs are getting the rock start treatment as they emerge from hibernation.

In the face of huge adversity we still have time to care.

Thank you Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise.