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Podcast script - Friday, April 03, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. Itís Friday 3rd April and this is Adrian Dale with the daily briefing for the Village.

We are approaching the end of our second week of lock down and are slowly getting into the stride of things.

Yesterday was a much quieter day on the public forum but behind the scenes, my phone didnít stop buzzing all day. It was just fantastic! Villagers were contacting me to share concerns about people in the Village who might be vulnerable. This is exactly what I wanted and I salute you all for taking the big step of raising concerns. That is never easy Ė the standard British approach is to keep your nose out of other peopleís business.

The great news is that all of the households that people were worried about are already on the Parish Council radar. We have put mechanisms in place to monitor and support them all.

Of course I am still missing nearly 70 households from my check list and this worries me. But yesterday was a good day. We managed to contact another 4 households. My special thanks have to go out to Candy and Les in Hillside. They have been working hard to track down contact details for all of the potentially vulnerable households in their road. They have their own lives to lead but are in touch with me daily. This is exactly what we need.

Slowly the outside world is catching up with us. Yesterday Northamptonshire County Council launched their support line for vulnerable or self isolating households. If you fall into this group, please register with them. Of course, we want to help locally but it would be great to know that Army are also ready to come in when needed.

Today Candy let me know that Longhurst Housing Association have been contacting their tenants in the Village to offer them a dedicated support line. Again, I encourage every tenant in the Village to register with them. The more support we have available, the better.

In a rather surprising thread of discussion, Carol, Elaine and Janet let us know about problems with the banks and building societies in Rushden, in particular, Lloyds, Barclays and Nationwide. Some branches have been closed this week, others are changing their hours and some are shutting for a while. The message is please check before you travel.

Joann Card provided us another great update on the situation at ASDA. Most rationing has ended (except of course, toilet rolls, baby milk and hand sanitiser!) Checkout screens should be installed overnight and the contactless limit will be raised to £45 over the next few days.

Weíve also heard from Andy Barnes that Potters of Stanwick are doing home deliveries of meat. There is a minimum order of £50 but apparently thatís just a freezer full. I was surprised at this, as I am vegetarian and I could live for a months on £50 of vegetables from Lidl!

Now the sharp eared amongst you may have noticed a change in the soundscape of the Village. The hourly chimes of the clock at the Church fell silent yesterday. One of the historic quirks of the Village was always that the church bells always chimed two minutes before the hour and the church clock was always wrong by another 2 minutes. I have always used the chimes each day to time my litter pick. It was very strange yesterday for them to be missing.

The reason is that the Ecclesiastical Insurance Company has ordered all Churches to switch off their electricity supply for the duration of the emergency and so our bells and clock have now fallen silent.

More sadly, the two small lights that have shone continuously for nearly 50 years at the two altars in the Church have also been extinguished. Many of you will remember Michael Foulger, Church Warden for over 40 years. He was a bit of madcap engineer and replaced the oil burning lights at the altars with specially dimmed mains powered bulbs in the 1970s. In the winter, I am often in the Churchyard at 6am and it was always lovely to see Michaelís lights glowing from the Church.

The lights in the Church building may have gone out but Michelle and the team have dedicated themselves to keeping the lights shining in the Parish through their daily podcasts. Please listen to them. Even the unfaithful heathen that I can see the value in reflecting on the good that lives in us all.

Stay safe folks, we will get through this together.