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Podcast script - Thursday, April 02, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. Itís Thursday 2nd April and this is Adrian Dale with the daily briefing for the Village.

Preparing these daily briefings is actually a huge challenge. Itís more of a challenge than I could ever have imagined and it dominates my day. I am no stranger to public speaking so that bit is easy. The challenge is being alert to everything that is going on all day and all evening Ė both locally and nationally. I need to try to make sense of it all, and find the right words to share and inform. And I donít always get it right. And of course, during my spare time I do actually need to cut some grass as well!

So why do I do it? Well, the answer is simple Ė in this Village we need to be ready for whatever comes our way. We need a mechanism to reach everyone quickly when, the real crunch comes. And we need a focal point now for anyone who unexpectedly need help. Thatís why I do it.

Some of you are members of the WhatsApp group which is struggling a little at the moment with etiquette and focus. This is not unexpected, all groups need to find their way. Itís early days, please be patient. This is a group of over 100 disparate people thrown together in an emergency. It is not surprising that there will be different views on what is needed. Remember, different people have different needs. Some people need facts or instructions and nothing more. Others need facts, fun and companionship. There is room for all and we will find our way. Now I am a naturally raving introvert Ė I donít do social media or indeed I donít even do socialising if truth be told. So for me the hundred or so messages that ping on my phone each day are a really big deal. Every time I hear one ping in my ear piece, I stop the mower to read it. It might be just a joke or a grumble. But every day there are a handful of these messages that are critical. I just never know which ones they will be, so I need to read them all as soon as they hit me.

I do try to keep in touch with all of the households that have potential or confirmed infections. Thankfully, all are doing well at the moment but I never know what the next message will tell me.

With Brenda Elldred, I look each day at our list of isolating households. If I havenít heard from them for a couple of days Iíll check in to make sure things are ok.

You see, Iíve said it before, and Iíll say it again no one in this Village needs to face this challenge alone. If I have to live with the challenges of social media intrusion, itís a small price to pay to ensure everyone is safe.

Well , the supermarket saga continues to run. The differences in approach from each company are simply staggering. Waitrose yesterday was the clear winner. Tina Hackett let me know that there was 5 minutes queuing to get in, good supplies, and sensible precautions. The message was clear donít bother with shopping bags at the check out. Stack things in your trolley and sort it out when you are in the car park. Well that certainly gets my vote.

ASDA Rushden are also doing well and screens at the check outs should be installed today. They are working really hard on sanitising and social distancing.

However, ALDI in Irthlingborough is not giving out positive messages. It may be worth steering clear of there for a while. The stories yesterday were shocking.

After a slower start than expected, the Northamptonshire County Council emergency team are now gearing up for action and a new scheme has been put in place to extend the support available to vulnerable households. Harriet Pentland has provided the details and Iíll make the links available to everyone.

Of course the big shock yesterday was the 563 deaths across the UK from Covid-19 on Tuesday. By the time you hear this, the figure could be worse. When the history of this emergency is written, the record will show that three days ago that I was pleased with the down turn from 260 deaths in one day. I suggested that it marked a long term downward trend. How wrong could I have been? We cannot let our guard down for one minute. The cities are certainly bearing the brunt of the epidemic but letís do everything we can to protect ourselves.

We need to be physically distant but stay virtually close. We are a community thrown together in a way that none of us wants. Letís find a way to work closely together and stay in touch.

Stay safe folks and keep me in the loop.