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Podcast script - Wednesday, April 01, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. Itís Wednesday 1st April. This is Adrian Dale with the daily emergency briefing for the Village, speaking to you from the Outer Hebrides through the wonders of modern technology . . . .

Well yesterday was a very strange day indeed. The mood of the WhatsApp group was very different Ė almost fractious. Weíd had signs of this on Monday with frustration about dog mess in the Village. Yesterdayís frustration was kicked off by speeding. I wasnít at all surprised. I have also noticed that weíve become the new Northamptonshire race track. On my rounds yesterday, one vehicle passed me with 4 exhausts, back firing every time he changed gear. I could hear him for several minutes all the way up to Raunds. How that car got through its MOT Iíll never know.

Several people were concerned that the group was becoming too intense yesterday and not the supportive environment they wanted. Indeed, some people contacted me privately to ask me to step in, and others left the group in frustration.

My role is to coordinate the Council actions for the emergency and to administer the WhatsApp group. I donít really want to moderate the conversation unless absolutely essential. It would be wrong for my personal views to carry more weight than others. We are a strong community and just like a family, we can handle different views and approaches, even disagreements. I wipe the slate each morning and we start the day afresh. Please stay with it folks, the information on the group is valuable, the humour is uplifting and the great photographs remind us of how lovely this Village is.

More importantly, the requests for help, and the offers of assistance are why we are here. The group doesnít see all the requests and responses now, many of them are now going on behind the scenes. In the short time we have been going, new relationships have been built which I hope will outlive this emergency. So letís all do our bit to support each other.

I had another missing household contact me yesterday, which was great. They were surprised to find out that we have cases of Covid-19 in the Village and a significant number of households in medical isolation. So welcome on board, to them and thanks for your offers of assistance already.

We had two new cases of Covid-19 reported yesterday in the same household, and I must thank them for letting me know so quickly. This virus is virulent and can strike even the most careful of people. So far all our cases have been treated at home with no serious long term effects. But we have been lucky. Please maintain your guard.

We had lots of useful intelligence again yesterday on supplies. Local suppliers are doing well delivering to the Village but even the large supermarkets are making progress. Queuing and social distancing will still be the norm, but rationing on some products is now ending. Joann Card is proving to be an invaluable mine of information from ASDA in Rushden. She tells us that screens are being installed around the tills on Thursday, and that they are waiting on data from the Government to start their deliveries to vulnerable people.

There was a leap in the numbers of deaths reported from Covid-19 yesterday, doubling from the day before. Of course it is impossible to draw conclusions from a single day and so Iíll be continuing to plot the figures to show the long term trend. I send the chart out daily to the email group and will soon be providing a general web link for people to see the chart live each day if they want in WhatsApp.

Iíve always been a busy chap, but now the pace of life seems to have speeded up dramatically. So much to do and only 24 hours in a day to do it in. Itís one of the reasons I moved to the Outer Hebrides last night Ė more time to relax and reflect.

Only joking folks, I just wanted to be the first to welcome you to April Fools day! Stay safe folks and keep your distance. Thank you