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Podcast script - Monday, March 30, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. It’s Monday 30th March. This is Adrian Dale with the daily emergency briefing for the Village.

So . . . that was the second weekend of our lockdown. How was it for you?

For me the previous weekend had been dominated by the stress of producing a live broadcast for the Church. We had the technical tests on the Friday, dress rehearsals on the Saturday and then the live broadcast itself on the Sunday. For a bloke who normally spends his life cutting grass and cleaning toilets at the Village Hall, it was all rather too intense! I retired 10 years ago just to get away from production deadlines and all night working.

But now of course we are in a National Emergency and we all need to do our bit!

This weekend was much more relaxed. The Ministry team had prepared their service well in advance and I was able to plan the best way to deliver it across the internet well in advance. I was actually out on a long walk just as people were tuning in, but with the wonders of technology I was able to check it was all OK and working well.

As I said yesterday, (contradicted I know by Sara), I am not a man of faith. However, I know that the Church is a great source of support and comfort for many people and it was a great privilege to help delivery their ministry across the Parish, and far wider than we could have imagined. We had people tuning in from around the country and indeed across the globe. Fantastic!! Michelle, well done! When this is all over, just remember mine’s a pint of a good ale with a double malt chaser!

On the subject of walks . . . yesterday Lynne and I walked to Stanwick Lakes from Chelveston, starting on the Raunds Road and returning to Water Lane. Nearly 8 miles of bracing but relaxing walking. It was certainly a nostalgia trip. How many of you can remember the petrol crisis of the early 2000s? When petrol was short Lynne decided to walk our lads to School in Stanwick, starting at the same path in Raunds Road. Yesterday we retraced those steps, it was a real trip down memory lane! When my lads were young I was fortunate to spend the summers at home with them. We were able to explore the hidden joys in the Village that appeal to youngsters. There was a group of 12 kids of the same age at the time. They spent their summers building dens and roaming the Village. Once a week I’d collect them together and take them off on an adventure round the local area. We discovered the stone pits on the boundary of the Parish and I got them all abseiling down Chelveston Cliffs. (And yes for all the newbies amongst you – they do exist!)

We passed some of those dens today, and they are all overgrown. I’d forgotten that children come in waves through this Village, each wave rediscovering afresh the joys of the countryside. I would to think that this current generation of kids will be the next to find these jewels.

This lock down is likely to continue until at least June. However, my bet is that children won’t return to school until the Autumn. That’s a long time sitting in front of the TV or X-box. Instead you could show your kids what’s outside, just on their doorstep.

There were points in their late teenage years that my lads hated the isolation of a Village surrounded by fields and woods. They wanted to live in Raunds. Today, they tell me that there was no better place to grow up. It gave them the grounding they needed and an appreciation of the natural world.

You now have all the time you need to explore this wonderful place with your children – what’s stopping you?

I put out a call yesterday morning for the “missing households” in the Village. I’ve had lots of responses from the group and I should be able to fill in another 10 gaps. This isn’t me being nosey. We need to be sure that no-one in the Village is self-isolating in silence. I found two such families last week, I want no more.

Today is actually a great day. If all goes well, two of our families will be coming out of Covid-19 isolation tonight. Welcome back folks! They have been quietly isolating for the last couple of weeks and behind the scenes our volunteers have been supporting them. Another two families have emerged this weekend from precautionary isolation after coughs and colds – welcome back to you all – please join the madness that is the world today.

Unfortunately, I had a call yesterday that another family was going into the beginning of a 14 day isolation as their daughter is now showing symptoms.

I am sure all our thoughts are with them. Please be assured, the Village will support you – let us know what you need.

Yesterday the Government launched their isolation support scheme. Households who have received an NHS isolation letter can register for direct support from the Government. Food parcels will be delivered directly to them. It is early days yet and the Council has no idea how this will operate. The thought of army lorries trying to find their way round the vagaries of Chelveston addresses is quite amusing. We have set up the Village Hall as a central distribution point but so far we haven’t heard anything more. Let’s watch and wait, the Council is ready.

I have no idea what this week will bring. How many deaths from covid-19 in the country, how many more restrictions to our liberty, and what shortages will there be.

What I do know is that we are in a good shape as a community, certainly better than most. With the combined resources of 235 households working together we can survive and prosper.

Keep smiling and talking all week folks, it certainly beats worrying in silence.

Thank you