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Podcast script - Thursday, March 26, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. Itís Thursday 26th March. This is Adrian Dale with the daily emergency briefing for the Village.

It was another beautiful day in yesterday and it was noticeable how many more residents are now off work or working from home. Many more couples and families were out walking the public footpaths enjoying what our great Village has to offer. The Government rules allow people to take one period of exercise a day provided that they social distance. Iíd like to let Boris know that from what I have seen, Chelveston-cum-Caldecott is certainly following those rules!

I had several requests yesterday about maps of the footpath network we have around the Village. This Village has the best network of paths anywhere in Northamptonshire. Nine Villages and three towns can be reached from the Village using the rights of way alone. You can easily do 2 hour circular walks in all directions. Now is the time to try them out, provided of course that you obey the social distancing rules. There is a copy of the walking map on the Parish Councilís web site and I have a few copies left of the original printed leaflet. Let me know if you would like one and I will find a safe way of getting it to you. I put all the copies in a plastic bag before the crisis and so they are not contaminated by anyone.

On Tuesday the Village was in a sombre mood following the Prime Ministerís shock announcements on Monday evening. But on Wednesday, the energy had returned. I posted the daily briefing just after 6 oíclock and my phone didnít stop pinging for 15 hours. Villagers were full of information, suggestions and ideas.

The Government made several important announcements yesterday. These were picked up immediately by Villagers and went out on the group within minutes. A new Covid-19 symptom tracker was announced, East Northamptonshire Council offered to spread council tax payment over 12 months and MOTs were deferred for 6 months.

We had lots of information about local suppliers who had plenty of stocks, including all important pet food for the animal lovers in the Village.

Queuing times at the local supermarkets were also a hot topic, with Alice Thorncroft kicking off the thread with a video of the new queuing system in the car park at Waitrose. She also pointed out that M&S at Rushden lakes was especially quiet with most of the Lakes now shut down. I was able to use Aliceís information within an hour to save an elderly resident being in a queue for longer than they could physically stand.

This all sums up the spirit of the Village at the moment Ė weíre in this together and we can all help each other.

The solidarity was re-inforced by the fly tipping incident in Bidwell Lane yesterday. When I did my rounds in morning there was no rubbish. In fact yesterday had the least overnight litter I have ever experienced. The take away yobs now have nowhere to go!

By mid afternoon, there was collective outrage from lots of Villagers who were out walking. A car boot load of rubbish had been dumped in the ford on Bidwell Lane. I had 2 phone calls and 4 messages about it within an hour. With the Rushden tip now closed, Chelveston has again become the dumping ground for folks with no morals or conscience. Iíve reported it in to East Northamptonshire using Jennie Ransonís picture. Letís all stay alert folks, this crisis is no excuse for criminality coming into the Village.

So where do we stand on the emergency?

Two days ago, I said that the Parish Council was aiming to be at least one step ahead of the crisis. Well now we are facing the tough challenges. When we declared the emergency on Sunday evening, I asked the Council to purchase a high speed laser printer so that the Village could print all newsletters in the Village, instead of using Colemans in Higham Ferrers. The printer order was placed immediately and was due for delivery on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, it didnít arrive. On Tuesday evening, Colemans shut up shop for the rest of the emergency leaving us with no means of doing high volume, high speed printing until our printer arrives.

Unfortunately, yesterday I had scheduled a letter drop to the 120 houses who havenít yet made contact with the emergency team after the first letter drops. At first I thought I was completely stuck. But then I put a call out to all the Villagers in our network. I asked them to give me details of any resident nearby them that hadnít engaged or that they were concerned about. This has now given me another 20 names immediately and more are on their way.

But why do we need the contact details of everyone in the Village, especially for those people that are perfectly well and donít need help? Surely, the virus wonít come to this Village?

Well we now have 3 suspected cases of Covid-19 in this Village. All these families are self isolating. Another 4 households have coughs and colds and all are self isolating. We now have 3 households that have received their NHS isolation notices. These people now have to stay on their properties for 12 weeks. For all of these families, those that we know about, we have volunteers ready to support them.

My worry is the households that are not engaging. I found two today with serious problems that ďdidnít want to bother anyoneĒ.

I said it yesterday and I say it again today. No-one in this Village needs to face these challenges alone. The coming days will see a dramatic escalation in cases of infections and deaths. The Parish Council wants to be ahead of this and no one needs to face the challenge alone.

So for everyone listening in the Village Ė please phone your neighbours and ask them whether they are receiving this broadcast. If they arenít, then please get them to ring me, text me, message me, or even send smoke signals into the air. The Parish Council will not let anyone face this challenge alone.

Thanks for listening folks and above all stay safe and keep your distance!!