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Podcast script - Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. It’s Wednesday 25th March. This is Adrian Dale with the daily emergency briefing for the Village.

It was a very strange day yesterday for everyone. It was the warmest day of the year so far, and normally something to celebrate. But many of us spent the day wondering exactly what the Prime Minister’s “stay at home” message meant for our lives. My day started at the electrical wholesalers, buying the additional network points for the emergency centre in the Village Hall. The door was locked and I was delighted to have to stand in the car park at a distance and phone my order through. My order was placed outside in a bag and I couldn’t approach until the door was locked. Needless to say, I was wearing gloves and won’t touch these items for several days until all possible danger has passed. Clearly the message has got through there.

Contrast this with Sean Reedman’s experience at LIDL in Rushden where the message had clearly not been received. The place was simply teeming with people. THIS IS QUITE SIMPLY DANGEROUS!

This is not a practice drill folks. We have 2 possible cases in the Village already, with residents very carefully self-isolating, whilst keeping me informed. These families are being responsible and sensible and we will support them and keep them safe.

Yesterday the first of our residents received their NHS letters telling them to stay on their property for at least 12 weeks. Again we have mechanisms in place to support them and keep them safe. If any family in this Village has received an NHS letter, please let me know. We will add them to our list and ensure that someone is in place to support them for the next few months. No one needs to face this alone.

There are still some people denying what is happening. Chris Pentland and I have independently been plotting the course of the virus using the figures released daily. On the 13th March, just 11 days ago, Covid-19 caused 1 death in the whole of the UK. Yesterday there were 86 deaths and the NHS set up a 4,000 bed emergency hospital at the Excel Centre in London. How much more real can you get?

So what can we do to protect ourselves? The answer is very clear – STAY AT HOME unless you really need to leave the Village. Every mobile phone holder received a message from the Government today – the first ever in the UK. By all means go out to exercise, but KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. We have a wonderful network of paths around our Village. But let’s be really safe in this Village. Why not stay four metres apart instead of the two metres the Government recommends?

The only way to beat this virus is to stop it spreading. If we don’t collectively follow the message from the Government, then in the next two days we will face even more stringent actions, including the potential of mandatory curfews. The Parish Council is already planning for this possibility.

So was there any good news at all yesterday?

Fortunately yes indeed! We are seeing a resurgence of local independent retailers. Brook Street News in Raunds is offering home delivery to their newspaper customers. The butchers and green grocers in Higham Ferrers are trading well and adopting responsible approaches to social distancing. The bakers in Higham is investigating home delivery options. Ingenuity and creativity are everywhere – great news!

And international the city of Wuhan in China will be emerging from their lock down on 8th April now that new cases have disappeared – again great news!

But more importantly in our own Village we continue to see daily acts of generosity and selflessness that warm your heart.

So finally a big shout out to Vicky and Martyn who spent yesterday clearing the ditches next to Peters Close off Kimbolton Road. When the builders cleared back the shrubbery during development, years of fly historic fly tipping were revealed. This has been compounded during the last 18 months by addition rubbish being tossed in. I simply haven’t had the time to tackle it. Every day it stares me in the face as I do the daily litter pick, pricking at my conscience. And now it is gone. So tomorrow, I can start the day with a smile, realising how lucky we are to live in a community that cares about our Village. Long may this continue.

Thanks for listening folks and above all stay safe and keep your distance!!